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Navy pilot famously held captive by Chinese running for Senate

Shane Osborn

Penned by Alex Pappas

Political Reporter

Shane Osborn is the only Senate candidate who can make a campaign pitch like this.

“If I can stand up to interrogations by the Chinese — the communist Chinese for twelve days — I can certainly handle Harry Reid in Washington, D.C.,” Osborn said in a recent interview with The Daily Caller.

Osborn, the former Republican State Treasurer in Nebraska, was the Navy pilot held captive for nearly two weeks by the Chinese after the Hainan Island incident in 2001.

The Navy plane piloted by Osborn collided in midair with a Chinese fighter jet in international airspace, sending his plane into an inverted dive.

“It cut the Chinese jet in two and flipped us inverted, tore the nose off,” Osborn told TheDC.

While the Chinese pilot died in the collision, Osborn safely landed the plane in China carrying a 23-member crew. That gave newly-sworn in President George W. Bush his first international crisis to deal with.

Osborn and his crew were interrogated by the Chinese before being released.

“You’re 26 years old, you’re scared out of your mind,” Osborn recalled. “Those twelve days they held us prisoner were very intense. They used sleep deprivation. They interrogated me six to eight hours at a time. They didn’t let me sleep for days on end.”

Osborn said he is often asked about his experience in China while on the campaign trail.

“I say this on the stump, ‘Listen, I understand you’re probably thinking in your mind what’s being a good Navy pilot have to do with being a good U.S. senator. And my answer is not much. But leadership matters. And, I learned how to lead in the Navy,’” Osborn said.

The Nebraska Senate primary

Osborn is running in a competitive GOP primary to replace Republican Sen. Mike Johanns this year. His competition includes Republican Ben Sasse, the president of Midland University.

Asked to differentiate himself from his opponents, Osborn noted his military experience. “There are only two combat veterans in the United States Senate,” he said.

“I’ve collected intelligence off of every single country we’re having problems with today,” Osborn said. “I won’t just make my decisions based on academic theory. I make them on real-world experience. Personal experience.”

Obsorn also emphasizes his business experience. “I’m the only entrepreneur in this race,” he said. “I’m the only one who knows what it’s like to risk all and leave a cushy job and go out there and create a business from scratch.”

He also boasts of cutting spending as state treasurer. “I’m the only one in this race or probably in any race running right now that can say they’ve actually shrunk government,” he said.

Continuing, he said: “Over a four year period, I cut the budget nearly 12 percent. I reduced the staff 28 percent. … I actually know how to shrink government and make it more efficient.”

As state treasurer, Osborn said he launched, which shows every aspect of state spending. He said the federal government should do something similar.

“Pie graphs, bar graphs, historical data going back ten years and it shows people where they’re money’s being sent,” he said. “Who’s the vendor, who are the vendors doing business with the state? That’s something we absolutely need in Washington, D.C.”

As for other issues he’s talking about on the trail, Osborn said: “Obamacare is obviously a big topic on everybody’s mind. I am the only candidate in this race that back in 2009, I spoke at rallies all across the state hammering on Obamacare, saying this is bad policy.”

“Obviously Obamacare is failing miserably, but it was designed to fail. It’s just failing quicker than they thought. And we know the end game here. For the Democrats and Obama it’s to have single payer health care,” he said.

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Commander Wong of the American Legion adds his name to the growing list of politicians posing as Veteran leaders.

Penned response by Nick Popaditch

 “Commander Wong of the American Legion adds his name to the growing list of politicians posing as Veteran leaders. The American Legion he pretends to represent stands for National security, Americanism, youth and children, and Veterans benefits. Cutting TrICARE to pay federal budget shortfalls from Stimulus and Obamacare gets a 0 out of 4. I am a proud Veteran and a member of the American Legion. This does not represent our values.
As Veterans, we are our brother’s keeper. Our active duty brothers and sisters have been fighting over 10 years of this war. TRICARE is one of the promises made by our government to them while they are doing it. They are counting on us to look out for their interests here while they are protecting us overseas. Shame on Mr Wong for putting the interests of those of us here at home above looking out for them. Worst still, he didn’t even get that-just a promise to be called before Veterans’ benefits are cut. That is what happens when you put deals ahead of ideals.
One small consolation for Commander Wong. At least it took him this long before he sold out. The VFW leadership sold out our active duty brothers and sisters back in October on this very same issue.
It is high time, we Veterans stop allowing politicians to drive a wedge between us and the active duty. We are one brotherhood.”

Nick Popaditch is running for U.S Congress Ca. district 53

Wong, president meet in Oval Office

Veteran, Capt. Pete Hegseth Running for U.S. Senate

Pete for Senate 2012

This honorable man that works in integrity, with courage, loyalty to/for our beloved republic has been serving this country in many ways….here’s a great example of some of his works.