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10 USC § 1034 – Protected communications; prohibition of retaliatory personnel actions

Cornell University Law School

Current through Pub. L. 113-36. (See Public Laws for the current Congress.)

(a) Restricting Communications With Members of Congress and Inspector General Prohibited.—

(1) No person may restrict a member of the armed forces in communicating with a Member of Congress or an Inspector General.
(2) Paragraph (1) does not apply to a communication that is unlawful.
(b) Prohibition of Retaliatory Personnel Actions.—

(1) No person may take (or threaten to take) an unfavorable personnel action, or withhold (or threaten to withhold) a favorable personnel action, as a reprisal against a member of the armed forces for making or preparing—
(A) a communication to a Member of Congress or an Inspector General that (under subsection (a)) may not be restricted; or
(B) a communication that is described in subsection (c)(2) and that is made (or prepared to be made) to—

(i) a Member of Congress;
(ii) an Inspector General (as defined in subsection (i)) or any other Inspector General appointed under the Inspector General Act of 1978;
(iii) a member of a Department of Defense audit, inspection, investigation, or law enforcement organization;
(iv) any person or organization in the chain of command; or
(v) any other person or organization designated pursuant to regulations or other established administrative procedures for such communications.
(2) Any action prohibited by paragraph (1) (including the threat to take any unfavorable action and the withholding or threat to withhold any favorable action) shall be considered for the purposes of this section to be a personnel action prohibited by this subsection.

We The Veterans

Constitutional Emergency

“Stand your ground. Don’t fire unless fired upon, but if they mean to have a war, let it begin here.” ~attributed to Captain John Parker, Massachusetts militia,  on Lexington green, 4/19/1775

I want to ask you to do me a favor. Mark your calendar for this coming Thursday the 19th. I’m sure that most of your calendars don’t highlight that day. I know for sure the left and the media will not remind you.
On that day,  April 19 1775,  237 years ago, a group of patriots decided they had had enough and stood their ground at Lexington and Concord. They had had enough of tyranny, abuse by their government, and over bearing taxes. Sound familiar?
Take a moment on Thursday and reflect on the meaning of that day. Think of the risks those patriots were willing to take in order to win their freedom. I believe the most important freedom is that of ‘Freedom of Choice.’ Also, think of what has happened to this great Republic in the last few generations. Let us all endeavor to ensure that their sacrifice, and of those since, was not in vain.
BTW: Don’t forget that the mission of the British that day was to confiscate weapons.
Arthur L. McGinley, PhD
c6one772@charter.netWhen the Spartans at Thermopylae were ordered by the Persians to surrender their weapons, they responded Molon Labe — “Come and Take them” This is my response to those who would disarm me and mine.To a warrior, the golf course is a willful and deliberate misuse of a perfectly good rifle range!
– Jeff Cooper

The Smallest Minority on earth is the individual. Those who deny individual rights cannot claim to be defenders of minorities.
— Ayn Rand

What is the right question?

I continually hear the question… Do our troops still support us (American Citizens)? I understand peoples concerns but I can’t help but wonder if that is the wrong question.  My first question is, “Do the United States Citizens still support our troops?”

We see the constant onslaught of destruction against our beloved country, liberty and constitution. We are very concerned for our children and wonder what their lives will be like in 5 – 10 years. We rightly want our children protected from our foreign and domestic enemies. The parents/families of our troops also want their sons and daughters (husbands, wives, uncles, aunts, nieces, nephews, brothers, sisters, fathers, mothers, cousins, friends) protected from our foreign and domestic enemies.

Do we raise our voices and keep them raised about the insane ROEs that are making our troops sitting targets and getting many of them maimed and/or killed? Do we make sure our troops are protected like we expect and demand our kids protected?  I don’t see or hear it. Some days I hear some grumblings about horrid treatment of our troops but then the next day brings on the new bait of whatever the Obama admin and the msm use to distract we the citizens and the previous days grumblings are old and forgotten.

What are you/we doing to have our troops backs so they can have ours?

Special & Important Show on Weak Military Brass, PC Politicians, Islam, Obama,Taqiyyah, Sharia Law

Time: February 29, 2012 from 9pm to 11pm EST

Event Description:
Panel: Tim Harrington, Kit Lange, Pamela Geller, Col Jim Harding, Twana Blevins plus more. We will be discussing A-Stan and NATO putting US Troops on Open Trial, Military Brass and Islam! Prepare yourself! This is gonna Rock! THIS IS ABOUT SUPPORTING OUR TROOPS AND HAVING THEIR BACKS! EITHER WE DO OR DON’T….NO GRAY AREA. Some topics we will be discussing:
Insane ROE’s

We are Free Because of Peace Through Strength


The Patriots News

Penned by JB Williams – (8/2/11)

Democracy is exactly what we have in America today and it’s even worse than Thomas Jefferson warned when he said – “A democracy is nothing more than mob rule, where fifty-one percent of the people may take away the rights of the other forty-nine.”

It’s really much worse than Jefferson indicated… it’s what Karl Marx said it was, “the road to socialism.”

Thomas Jefferson was a well-traveled and studied individual, commissioned to write our Declaration of Independence at the founding of our country and a significant player in the formation of our Constitutional Representative Republic. He was also one of our nation’s most prolific writers of the time, quoted more than any other Founding Father.

It was Jefferson who said – “He who knows nothing is closer to the truth than he whose mind is filled with falsehoods and errors.” – and once again, he may have understated the truth.

A hundred years past the onset of leftist indoctrination in America, via the press, academia, entertainment and politicians, few American’s know much about our founding principles and values, yet many are convinced that they do.

Terms like patriot and constitutionalist are greatly over-used, even abused, and often proclaimed by people who have not even read our founding documents recently, much less lived by them.

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Justice Clarence Thomas Honors Our Troops and Country

As a special guest to the biannual President’s Club meeting, Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas discusses his remarkable life story, including his grandfather’s impact, which serves as the inspiration for his Thomas’ new best-selling book, “My Grandfather’s Son.”

Posted on youtube by Heritage Foundation

Who Are We And What Have We Become?

United States of America

Who Are We and What Have We Become?

“You forget who you are—black or white and American or African—and where you come from when you are before God circling the Kabba (the large masonry cubic structure near Mecca) in a two-piece unstitched garment.” These words are from sitting United States Congressman Keith Ellison. This fellow who has a time when he ‘forgets’ he is an American is America’s ‘unofficial goodwill Ambassador’ to the Middle East. Americans held hostage by terrorists, in POW camps and under enemy fire can never forget they are an American fighting man or civilian. But from journalists to politicians of the Left we have people with American citizenship who claim to either be against what we fight for to protect innocent citizens of our country or claim to be ‘neutral.’ Only during the Vietnam War did America begin to tolerate neutrality in time of war. Thank you Uncle Walter Cronkite for that insight. But now it has become an almost accepted ‘truth’ of our country today. It is hogwash and strikes at the very moral fiber of our nation.

Politicians leak intelligence given in closed classified briefings and give it their own spin to undermine our elected leaders and our warriors in harm’s way. But even worse we have a generation of officers in the military and bluenose operatives in government who leak seemingly at will. This they take as their ‘democratic’ right. One has to question if some of these folks took their oath of office with their fingers childishly crossed behind their collective backs. The John Kerry/Daniel Ellsberg type of military officer/government employee are sadly alive and well and are once again multiplying as the leftist press of the media in all forms continues to multiply like a great cancerous growth on the body politic. As long as we excuse treason as just another political slant our enemies will plan to prolong any engagement until we quit like a poodle in a fight with a German Shepherd. Lots of whining and yelping but not much biting by the pussy pups of this genre. We are the Dobermans of war and fear of even a rabid Poodle  is heresy in keeping with our sacrificing forebears.

EXIT Strategy’ equals quitting my fellow citizens.

I am not today nor will I ever be a ‘citizen of the world’ because I am an American, first, last and always.

I do not go back to nations I have fought to apologize to them but simply to smirk in their wretched little faces over how many of their sorry, mentally captured brethren I slew in battle.

I am an Infantry Soldier and my very pride is built on the broken bodies of my enemies.

I am not a purveyor of political ideals but simply a life taker and will breaker because bringing political change is somebody else’s job and not mine.

I am proud of old soldiers when they gather to reminisce. You do not hear a lot of whining as they mingle, even from those who left parts of themselves broken on a foreign shore. They do talk of what might have been if some politically motivated clown act had not snatched defeat from the jaws of victory. But they do so in eternal anger and not in whining discussion groups led by those who were never there. But I do hear a recurring theme which says with great sadness ‘Who are we and what have we become’?

It is rather simple really. We have become a ‘pussified ‘group of self-thinking, propagandized whiners who believe that nothing is worth the long-haul to pursue. ‘Exit Strategy’ has become the catch-word for a nation no longer yearning for or even seeing the importance of the simple but irreplaceable word VICTORY. So when you mouth the phrase ‘Peace on earth, goodwill towards men’ this Christmas, may we remember the price paid on a cruel cross to try and  achieve it.


Black Lions Sir,
De Oppresso Libre,
Rangers Lead The Way

Maj. Mark Smith, (US Army Retired)  DSC/Former PoW – Vietnam