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“Should ANYONE attempt to strip you of the rights you earned in battle as an American Infantrymen (Marine and Soldier alike), shall be stripped of Life and/or limb by the vary hands that defended that Freedom Americans exercise daily. For you were born without rules or regulations, it is the fear of consequence and need for Justice and order that compells us to follow our Countries Laws. Only those worthy enough to fight for We The People shall be trusted to enact and enforce these Laws or suffer the consequence, should such Demon Warriors be made aware of power hungry violators of this trust. War is the province of Men, so tread softly when speaking of disarming those who have mastered it. These corrupt masters of lies and deceit may find themselves where many have met their end; stareing into the eyes of Hell itself, before gasping a final breathe of Freedom before it is taken back by one of its Champions … Chosen Few”- Vega


Counties miss deadline to send ballots to overseas, military voters

This problem with the deployed troops voting system has been going on since the 90’s maybe even longer. It appears to be intentional that it’s not fixed. In fact Military Voter Protection Project has been working to get this problem corrected but Eversole continues to see the same problems in the broken system.  Twana




California Watch  May 30, 2012 | Stephanie Snyder

Elections officials throughout California missed a deadline to send 8,250 ballots to overseas and military voters for next week’s presidential primary, prompting a lawsuit and swift settlement over the weekend between the state officials and the U.S. Department of Justice.

Eleven of the state’s 58 counties violated the Uniformed and Overseas Citizens Absentee Voting Act by failing to send ballots to voters abroad on April 21 – 45 days before the primary. While about 5,450 of the late ballots were sent out within two days of missing the deadline, some were delayed as much as a week.

On Saturday, the U.S. Department of Justice filed a lawsuit [PDF] against California for missing the deadline, but Secretary of State Debra Bowen reached an agreement on the matter that same day, federal officials said. As part of the settlement, the secretary of state’s office will hold training sessions with at least one election official in each county before the general election in November.

David Tom, elections manager for San Mateo County, said his county was on schedule to send ballots to the 739 overseas voters who requested their ballots through the mail. But at the last minute, a county Board of Supervisors candidate had to be removed from the ballot.

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