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The Disgraceful Character of Obama

military pawn

The Joint Chiefs of Staff also have shown their lack of character and honor. They are cowards who do not have the backs of those who serve under them or of those who have ever served this country! May history remember them as the coward YES MEN that they are!


Afghanistan; America’s Willful Deception

Let Them Fight Or Bring Them Home

American Thinker, John Bernard 16 May 2012
The battlefield is as fluid as diplomatic efforts to shape the outcome are convoluted.  While diplomacy during peacetime can be described as the efforts between two national representatives to overcome obstacles to a good, healthy and mutually productive relationship, diplomacy during hostilities cannot.  “Diplomatic efforts” during an ongoing conflict are at best an oxymoron.  The failure of two parties to work out problems with one another is what leads to war and if war is the ultimate outcome of a failure of diplomacy then it stands to reason that the successful outcome of the war can only be defined when one warring nation capitulates to the battle field prowess of the other.
Our current struggles in Afghanistan have been defined and redefined so many times that it is little wonder that civilian support for the effort here in the United States has waned.  What is truly amazing is that the level of morale in the ranks of our War Fighting community has remained as high as it has.  High morale is not however an accurate indicator of how our military views our successes on this battlefield especially at this point in history.  The reason it does not is because this is one of the only times in our history when a draft has not been used to maintain numbers in the ranks.  Those who have served both in Iraq and Afghanistan have done so willingly and their overall perception of time served is generally more positive than that of conscripts.
Americans have grown accustomed to hearing reports emanating from government officials that do not line up with reports coming in from the battlefield through media outlets and from other sources with boots on the ground.  Every piece of information delivered to the American public flows through a government filter to insure consistency with the narrative.  In addition the administration’s proxy, the Pentagon has decided that elements of certain kinds of information should be sequestered to insure the state narrative continues untarnished by pesky details.
Even the lexicon has morphed to reflect the changing opinions of the current “visionary”.  While success on the battlefield has historically been defined as victory, even the word battlefield has been carefully expunged from the public dialogue.  Success has been coopted by “compromise” and victory remanded to the dustbin of unacceptable words and phrases. Enemy Prisoners of War (EPW) are now future leaders in the new coalition government envisioned by the luminaries in DC. General Grade Officers have been carefully selected for their willingness to capture the vision and then translate it into conduct on the battlefield that reflects the intent of their Commander in Chief. Continue reading

Tightening ROE’s Again to Ensure Our Troops Don’t Win This War They Were Sent To Fight And We Thought Win! Bring Our Troops Home Now!

Army Times

Shifting guidelines prompt calls for ROE reform

Second guesses on front-line decisions can jeopardize careers
By Andrew Tilghman – Staff writer
Posted : Monday Apr 23, 2012 12:57:34 EDT

The Afghan man captured on a grainy surveillance video was a known insurgent. And there he was — again — digging a hole for a homemade mine beneath a well-traveled dirt road in Helmand province.

Several Marines in a nearby combat outpost watched the video feed closely, but a decision on what to do fell to 1st Lt. Josh Waddell, executive officer of India Company, who was running the command post on the afternoon of Nov. 1 for 3rd Battalion, 7th Marines.

Waddell, 25, sprang into action, calling his battalion headquarters to get authorization — what military lawyers call “positive identification” — to launch a strike. From there, he hurriedly issued orders to ground patrol units, sniper teams and aircraft hovering nearby, coordinating a complex operation to kill or capture the enemy.

The insurgent was surrounded by a village full of women and children, so Waddell’s decisions required the kind of nuanced judgment call that has become a hallmark requirement of today’s often murky counterinsurgency missions.

Waddell opted against calling in the helicopter gunships. Instead, he ordered a sniper team to home in on the insurgent. The first sniper shot was high and off-target, sending the man sprinting across a patch of farmland. But other shots struck his leg and stomach. The man dropped and rolled into a ditch for cover. Continue reading

What is the right question?

I continually hear the question… Do our troops still support us (American Citizens)? I understand peoples concerns but I can’t help but wonder if that is the wrong question.  My first question is, “Do the United States Citizens still support our troops?”

We see the constant onslaught of destruction against our beloved country, liberty and constitution. We are very concerned for our children and wonder what their lives will be like in 5 – 10 years. We rightly want our children protected from our foreign and domestic enemies. The parents/families of our troops also want their sons and daughters (husbands, wives, uncles, aunts, nieces, nephews, brothers, sisters, fathers, mothers, cousins, friends) protected from our foreign and domestic enemies.

Do we raise our voices and keep them raised about the insane ROEs that are making our troops sitting targets and getting many of them maimed and/or killed? Do we make sure our troops are protected like we expect and demand our kids protected?  I don’t see or hear it. Some days I hear some grumblings about horrid treatment of our troops but then the next day brings on the new bait of whatever the Obama admin and the msm use to distract we the citizens and the previous days grumblings are old and forgotten.

What are you/we doing to have our troops backs so they can have ours?

One Soldier’s anomolous event versus an Islamic Policy of Terrorism

  Penned by Steve Bussey

I reject world and Muslim outrage over the alleged killing of civilians in Afghanistan by a U.S. soldier.

I can understand a soldier who snaps in war but I cannot and will not understand an ideology that routinely and intentionally targets women and children the way Islam does.

I know you’ve already read the story about this one U.S. soldier but have you seen news coverage of the Islamic terrorist’s rocket attacks on Israel? Read that CNN headline and the first two paragraphs and see if the emphasis is on the Islamic terrorist’s rocket attacks or the Israeli response.

Don’t get me wrong; Stevebussey.com and the Steve Bussey Radio Experience in no way condone the intentional killing of civilians in war or through terrorism by anyone. But remember, seeking to understand something is not akin to condoning or supporting that thing just as rejecting the situational or hypocritical outrage is not to condone it.

A United States soldier apparently took his weapon and went house to house killing civilians in Afghanistan just outside his base. My question isn’t why he did it but why it hasn’t happened before or more often.

I don’t want it to happen but I feel I understand war and warriors and as the old saying goes, war is hell. Soldiers sometimes snap in war and atrocities do happen – they’ve happened in every single war in the history of man and the world.

Now, place on top of the “norm” of what happens in war the fact that our soldiers lives are placed at increased risk through being forced to fight with one hand tied behind their backs by our own “rules of engagement” and the hypocrisy of being condemned and murdered for accidently burning a book while the other side routinely uses civilian women and children as human shields, intentionally kills civilians for “collaborating” with NATO forces and more and you have a recipe for disaster on your hands.
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