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American combat engineers eat a meal atop boxes of ammunition stockpiled for the impending D-Day invasion, May 1944.

Frank Scherschel—Time & Life Pictures/Getty Images

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The Convoy on Route to the Normandy Coast
Recently declassified color footage of the D-day. Part 1 of 3


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H/T to Sgt. Timothy Harrington for sharing this

Cody Green was a 12-year kid in Indiana who was diagnosed with
leukemia at 22 months old. He loved the Marines, and his parents said he
drew strength and courage from the Marine Corps. as …he bravely fought the
battle into remission three times. Although he was cancer-free at the time,
the chemotherapy had lowered his immune system and he developed a fungus
infection that attacked his brain. Two weeks ago, as he struggled to fend
off that infection in the hospital, the Marines wanted to show how much they
respected his will to live, his strength, honor and courage. They presented
Cody with Marine navigator wings and named him an honorary member of the
United States Marine Corps. For one Marine, that wasnt enough … so that
night, before Cody Green passed away, he took it upon himself to stand guard
at Codys hospital door all night long, 8 hours straight.

Nowhere on the face of this planet is there a country so blessed
as we to have men and women such as this. I wish I could personally tell
this Marine how proud he makes me to be an American. God … I do so love
this country.