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The Disgraceful Character of Obama

military pawn

The Joint Chiefs of Staff also have shown their lack of character and honor. They are cowards who do not have the backs of those who serve under them or of those who have ever served this country! May history remember them as the coward YES MEN that they are!


10/12/13 – Judge Jeanine Pirro Explodes At Obama Administration – Opening Statement – Obama Administration Refusal to Bury U.S. Soldiers –


Veterans Memorial and Arlington Cemetery Barred as Obama Continues his Legacy of Disrespect for America

Thomas More Law Center

In one of the most disgusting shows of political grandstanding over the shutdown of government services, President Obama has chosen to shut down open air, minimally maintained war memorials including the WWII War Memorial in Washington D.C. and Arlington Cemetery.

It should not be surprising that President Obama shows so little respect for our WWII veterans and our fallen warriors buried at Arlington Cemetery.

President Obama has a long history of association with some particularly anti-American figures, beginning with Reverend Jeremiah Wright. Reverend Wright was Obama’s pastor for over twenty years. Reverend Wright is the same man who argued that America deserved the 9/11 terror attacks and expressed his belief that God should damn America.

He also had a friendship with Bill Ayres of the Weather Underground whose goal was to create a clandestine revolutionary party for the overthrow of the US government and even perpetrated bombings of government buildings in the 1970’s.

Even more telling, are Obama’s own anti-American actions including the infamous “apology tour” that he embarked upon in 2010 which consisted of apologies and criticisms of America in speeches in France, England, Turkey and Cairo, at the CIA headquarters in Langley, Virginia, the National Archives in Washington, D.C., and the United Nations in New York City.

President Obama spent the first part of his presidency apologizing for America and, by association, apologizing for our Veterans. Now, he is just showing them one more level of disrespect by attempting to deny them the right to visit the memorials they paid for through personal sacrifices for our great Nation.


Richard Thompson
President and Chief Counsel
Thomas More Law Center

CONFIRMED! Michael McCaul (R-TX) confirms that a ‘stand down’ order was given to a rescue team that could have responded rapidly to DC Navy Yard massacre

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More Testimonies of Memorial Day at the Vietnam Wall Memorial and Arlington Cemetery

The thug n chief – Hussein obama – wanted his photo-op and like always, enjoyed demoralizing our Troops and Veterans.  Here is the bastards photo-op that is posted on the White House website.
I received this from a friend and have removed the E. Mail addresses.  Our usurper in chief is getting bolder and bolder.  We have to find a way to unite.”  Jim
I removed the several hundred names and address in the following emails. However, I know personally some of the folks involved and what is contained in the emails, for your information, is for real and written last night by some of the Vets involved.

Hey John,
Sorry to hear this happened to you and all the other Vets. In all the years I’ve gone to Arlington for Memorial Day, I don’t ever remember the gates to the cemetery being locked! Outrageous and another example of their need for total control of every venue. BTW, I watched the speech from the Amphitheater and the impression we all had was that it was ‘political in nature’ with his reaching out to the Vets just as he does to every other voting group. ”

I just wanted a bunch of you to know about this travesty. When we were turned away from The Wall, I went to lay wreaths on my Mom and Dad and Brother and Sister’s graves at Arlington. Guess what? They had that closed for the great man too!!! Not sure who his canned audiences were at either place, but not many veterans like the thousands of guys I saw going away pretty angry. John

Today at the Vietnam Veterans Memorial…The Wall
Today as I usually do each Memorial Day and Veterans Day, I joined my fellow Soldiers I served with in Vietnam to lay a wreath for our fallen at the Vietnam Veterans Wall. We always gather at 0903 hours at the Three Soldier’s Monument. There we meet for a while and talk, see how everyone is doing, if anyone needs help, introduce any new guys from out of town who are visiting, new guys who are joining us for the first time, introduce any members of our family or friends who have come with us, always followed by a few remarks about fellow members of the Blackhorse Regiment who had passed since we had last gathered and then we welcome each other home. Today after walking across Memorial Bridge and rounding the Lincoln Memorial I saw our guys all gathering outside of a barricade around the Vietnam Veterans Memorial. When I joined them I found out to my total disbelief that we could not enter. No veterans allowed. The reason was that Obama was coming there to make a speech and the area was closed to everyone except special people with special passes until his speech was over 5 hours later. I was stunned. Thousands of Vietnam veterans gathering like us with wreaths in hand to recognize our fallen and turned away so that a politician could give a speech. Most of us had been there when Reagan spoke, Bush 41 and 43 had spoken, even Clinton, although most of us turned our backs on him in one of the largest, silent protests ever…seen by everyone…stinging in its impact…totally unreported by the media…but even then, we were not turned away. Today we were. I saw where in a poll where Obama is over 25 points behind Romney with Vets…if they all had seen what we experienced today and knew what had transpired, the spread would be much wider. I doubt if this will even be reported in the media. But, it should. This was not our day…it was their day…the boys who lost their lives. But it was their brothers day to come and touch their names on the Wall and remember them. It was also Decoration Day…the day we recognize those who gave all for all of us. It was not about our narcissist president and his attempt to appeal to the Vietnam Vets for votes. Shut out, we met next to a hot dog stand under a shade tree and held our semi-annual ritual for our fallen. Later that day, one of our men stayed behind and saw to it that the wreath was placed at that section of the Wall when we lost the most during the war. We won every battle in that war and were denied victory. We had to listen to an illiterate world say that we had lost our war. Our troops suffered more degradation, insult, hatred, and disgust from our countrymen than all other US troops from all wars combined. We came home to a country that didn’t want us…and to many countrymen who loathed us…but yet we persevered. Today…was just one more cut…but it was a cut that will not heal any time soon……..”


Step Up & Take Responsibililty, Mr “War” President!


Those of us in the troop support movement know that we have lost more of our Heroes on Obama’s watch than all of this war!  The insane and cruel ROE’s and Catch and Release Policies give the enemy the upper hand and leave our Troops so very vulnerable!  It is disgusting and disgraceful and now this Campaigner-in-Chief wants to take credit for the excellent work of our Navy Seals in the killing of Bin Laden.  Well Obama, that road goes both ways! Since you are campaigning that you are responsible for the killing of Bin laden, then you need to take responsibility for the perilous mess our Troops are in over in Afghanistan!   Your failed policies continue to get our brave men and women killed, maimed and incarcerated, as you release terrorists back to the battlefield.  Now you want to be called a War President?!!!!   Then step up and take responsibility for the killing zone you have placed our Troops in with YOUR failed policies!!!!!!!!!!!!
Beverly Perlson
The Band of Mothers

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