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Badass Tibor Rubin

Tibor Rubin

Tibor Rubin was a Hungarian-born Jewish badass warmongering asskicker who survived a Chinese prison camp, a Nazi concentration camp, single-handedly defended a hill against the entire North Korean army TWICE, was nominated for the Medal of Honor four times, received it once, and lived to tell the tale.


In the process he single-handedly saved the lives of 40 of his fellow comrades by breaking out of a hardcore Chinese POW camp, raiding their barracks and stores for food and medical equipment, breaking back in to the prison camp, and then administering it to wounded and starving American troops.  Which would be impressive if he’d only done it one time in his entire life.

Instead he repeated that routine almost every single day for roughly a year and a half, full knowing that being caught just one time or making just one mistake would result in him being thrown into a dark hole and tortured to death in the most excruciatingly painful ways the Chinese Communist torture-farmers could imagine.

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