US Soldiers in Afghanistan Now Forced to Fight a Two-Fronted War – by Parents of Navy SEAL Killed in Extortion 17

Very important read.


Today I read a comment by Karen Vaughn, mother of Aaron Vaughn, one of the Navy SEALs killed in Extortion 17:

It fills my heart with grief to tell you that I stood in front of a crowd of 50+ conservatives today and asked how many of them knew that 2 special operators were killed Wednesday in an insider attack. ONE lady raised her hand…ONE. I just started crying. Could barely go on.

Karen’s emotion is totally understandable. It seems this news should be known to all and yet, we continue to hear about celebrities misbehaving, criminals committing misdemeanors and other seemingly less significant news ahead of this real, and totally relevant information. The fact that deaths are escalating in Afghanistan, and the reasons for it, including the Rules of Engagement imposed by our own government, are addressed in this article, and should be known by all Americans.

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