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The plan to overthrow the United States government by the radical Muslim Brotherhood isn’t a conspiracy theory, it is a verifiable and documented fact. The progress they have made to stealthily slither into the highest levels of our government is nothing short of a Hollywood blockbuster movie, or the latest Sci-fi thriller on the book stand.  Unfortunately, this is no movie or novel, this is today’s reality.  And it is a reality we must confront.

Former FBI counter terrorism expert John Guandolo spoke last week to Jim Schneider of “Crosstalk” radio and had me riveted to my seat. Guandolo created and implemented the FBI’s first counter-terrorism training and education program.He is the co-author of two books, “Shariah: The Threat to America” and his new book soon to be released, “Raising a Jihadi Generation: MB Handbook for Law Enforcement, Military and Intelligence Professionals.”  Guandolo is also founder of ““.

Guandolo, speaking with authority and conviction, pulled no punches as the interview started fast.  First he made it clear that there was no reason for listeners to take only his word on what he was going to say because the evidence he discusses comes from actual court documentation:

“I am going to reference documents and evidence that already exists inside the Federal court system.  What we are going to talk about primarily are issues, that are as a matter of legal fact, true”.  

The first bit of evidence discussed is jaw dropping, especially if you weren’t aware of the FBI’s raid in 2004 of a Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas (who are a part of the Muslim Brotherhood) leader’s home in Virginia.  
What they found inside the basement of this home has been well documented in headlines across the nation. 
Guandolo elaborates on the profundity of the raid discovery calling it a “treasure trove of information” and “archives” of the Muslim Brotherhoods plans for North America.  
He further explains that the FBI findings were:

“strategic documents, lists of their organizations leaders, names, financial documents, photographs, audio tapes, video tapes, you name it, it was in there.  And, when I say ‘strategic documents I mean document that specifically are approved by the Muslim Brotherhood leadership in North America, that say it is their strategic document with their objectives, how they are going to meet their objectives, organizations that are going to participate and how they intend on overthrowing the U.S. Government and imposing Islamic law”. 

The organization that had this documentation was called the “Islamic Holy Land Foundation” and was at the time the largest Islamic charity in America, but in reality they were a covert group that were indicted in 2008. All of the documentation discovered during the raid became evidence in the trial which was the largest ever successfully prosecuted trial of Hamas/MuslimBrotherhood and terrorism in America.   
When looking at all of the evidence that was presented in that court trial back in 2008, Guandolo says many things came clear: 

“There is something inside of the U.S. called the ‘Islamic Movement’, it is lead by the Muslim Brotherhood and that its purpose is quote, “Civilization Jihad, to destroy America from within, imposing Islamic law and establishing and Islamic state here.”  

That’s not all.  Not by a long shot.  Because the documentation discovered named the groups that were part of this movement and they are used to meet their deadly objective of destroying America from within.  We know today exactly who else is involved in their plans and according to Guandolo these “Muslim Brotherhood entities end up becoming, and have become a massive network to support jihad operations in the U.S.”

The discussion pivots to points made that the government of the U.S., including the White House itself is embedded and cooperating with the Muslim Brotherhood.  As an example, summarizes one story that had its roots in the Clinton/Gore administration and it alone is mind boggling when we consider this man was:

“An Al Qaeda operative and a “significant” financier, was the adviser to the President of the United States and founded the Muslim Chaplain program for the Department of Defense”.   

It was also no surprise to hear that the former FBI counter terrorist expert is not at all happy with the new $100 million dollar “Islamic Center” being built right now in Maryland:

“The Muslim Brotherhood says exactly what their Islamic centers are, they are places from which they launch their jihad.  I think that is what the biggest issue is.  When we can show what the Muslim Brotherhood says is their doctrine, and when we can show that entities that say they belong to them we know, right off the bat that they are hostile.  So let me just read.  I am going to read directly from the Muslim Brotherhood’s strategic document that was captured by the FBI in 2004 and it was entered into evidence in the Holy land Foundation trial stipulated to by the defense that it is what it says it is, which is the Brotherhood’s strategic document, it says this, this is paragraph 17 and its ‘understanding the role of the Islamic center’ : 

‘ Understanding the nature and work of the Islamic center in every city in what achieves the goal of the process of settlement (and just as a sidebar, they had just defined earlier in the document what is the process of settlement, it is civilization jihad).  The center we seek is one which constitutes the axis of our movement, the perimeter of our circle of work, our (unintelligible) center, the base for our rise (unintelligible), to educate us, prepare us, and supply our battalions in addition to being a niche for our prayers.’  

And it goes on to say, I am going to quote this, ‘meaning the centers role should be the same as the mosque’s role during the time of God’s prophet. 

Now that we know what Islamic Centers are for, Guandolo drops this not so wonderful news on us:

“So today in the U.S. we know that there are over 2100 Islamic Centers, and a large majority of them are controlled by the Muslim Brotherhood.”

When Guandolo commented on the recent Fox news story regarding the Army continuing to do business with groups tied to Al Qaeda so as not to interfere with their “due process”, somehow his information went from terrible to chilling: 

“This is standard, this is where we are.  We are extending constitutional liberties to our enemies and those people in the U.S. who are working to educate and teach people about the real threat are being told to shut up and their programs are being de-funded and people inside the FBI and DHS that do understand what you and I are talking about here that were teaching people about it have all been, all those programs inside D.O.D…, I was involved, I taught at the Joint Forces Staff College, the Army War College, a number of law enforcement entities, and myself and others like me that do what I do and understand this threat have all been shut down”.

If there is good news in all of this, it is that there are ideas and organizations that are involved to help get this word out and to stop the onslaught and overthrow of America by a government that seems all to willing to bow down to the Muslim Brotherhood.  
The depth of their infiltration is no joke.  It can be stopped. There are 300 million of us.   
But it will take a lot of work.  Media will have to get on board with this, or at least stop fighting against us like our government.  
I can’t help but muse, ‘is all of this perhaps why there has not been any terrorist attacks on America, the size and scope of 911, since 2001?’ 
That event changed America and brought us together, albeit for a short time.  A similar attack, or worse, would perhaps blow the cover off this “civilization jihad” and possibly even get media on board, not to mention local authorities and the FBI, something that would work against their long term plans to destroy us from within.  
But the radicals are a patient group.  Preferring possibly to sit back and plan their Islamic centers, their sleeper cells and quietly move more radicals in our very midst, waiting for the right time.  They certainly have the right President in power for such a cabal as this. 

Now you’ve read this, you will want to do more. Please share this information far and wide.  Please. 
This is reliable information from a reliable source, no need to be embarrassed to share it with everyone on your friends list or contact list. Your Senator’s, Congressmen, local Sheriff’s office as well as family and friends must understand the war we are facing here at home.

Here is the link to the entire audio message.  Don’t miss it and again, please share it. It is that important.

Here is the link to John Guandolo’s website.  Please use it as well.

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