Combat Veterans For Congress–The Elimination of Voter Fraud

Combat Vets For Congress

The conflict between the House and Senate further validates our belief that the mid-term Congressional elections of 2014 is where the American people, as individuals, can make an impact on the current divisive in the political landscape. Reid, Pelosi, and Obama have been ruthless in the type of names they keep calling Republicans (racists, anarchists, extortionists, obstructionists, liars, terrorists holding the country hostage, etc.). The raw party politics have become dangerously contentious; I don’t recall a time in my life when the conflicts between the two major parties in Congress has become so dysfunctional. The only recourse Republican members of Congress have when they are in the minority and the Obama administration continues to violate the US Constitution, breaks federal laws, and the Attorney General ignores the Obama administration’s violation of federal law, is to hold hearings and/ or to file law suits. Unfortunately, law suits would end up in many years of litigation. As an alternative, in 13 months, the American voters can make a change in the makeup of Congress, without having to wait for years of litigation.

In past US history, the occupant of the Oval Office would have used his good offices to bring the parties together for the good of the Republic, in order to resolve the type of conflicts that have been brewing in Congress. Although the current occupant of the Oval Office can negotiate with Putin, Assad, the President of Iran, China, the Taliban, Cuba, Venezuela, and North Korea, he has only been willing to negotiate with Republican Congressional leaders by a short phone call or by making on-air statements during a TV press conferences warning Republicans that he will not negotiate. The nation does not have an occupant in the Oval Office who has the maturity to realize that a President should be the one to pour oil on the water to maintain civility in the Republic when it gets dangerously contentious. For 5 years, we have witnessed the poor leadership in the Oval Office; the policies emanating from the White House have consistently divided the country. Obama has been undoing the progress in race relations that came about with Martin Luther King’s efforts, and in order to make gains in his Socialist agenda, the occupant of the Oval Office has intentionally created class divisions in the nation. Obama has given 1200 exemptions to his allies in business with regard to the flawed Obama Health Care Law but refuses to give the American people the same exemptions, the Obama administration has consistently tried to minimize the rights of Americans that have always been guaranteed by the 2nd Amendment by most recently approving a UN Small Arms Treaty, Obama’s appointees at DOD have been restricting Freedom of Religion of Chaplains and certain individuals in the US Armed Forces, for over a year the State Department and the White House have covered up the refusal of Obama to execute a Cross Border Authority to allow a military rescue of the 4 Americans murdered in Benghazi by Al Q’ieda, and the Obama administration appointees at the IRS intentionally restricted the right of Americans to exercise their rights of assembly & organizing; those are just a very few of the issues that have created divisiveness in the nation.

The Congressional elections of 2014 will be the most important Congressional elections in US history; it will either help the American voter’s right the ship of state or it will result in Obama’s well financed Presidential campaign apparatus taking 17 seats away from the Republican Congress. For the past 4 years, Secretary Catherine Sibelius has been bankrolling the follow on organizations that replaced ACORN; those organizations continue to work ceaselessly using taxpayer dollars to undermine the 2014 elections at the polls and in the counting of absentee ballots in all 50 States—there are no dedicated organizations opposing this divisive efforts to commit Voter Fraud. The Republican Party did very little to contain Voter Fraud in the last two national elections, and we do not believe they will take the appropriate action to prevent Voter Fraud in the 2014 Congressional elections. To prevent the loss of 17 Republican seats in the House, and transfer control of the US House to Nancy Pelosi, it will take a concerted effort on the part of concerned Americans to ensure the 2014 mid-term election is honest and fair.

It is the eleventh hour, and the American people must mobilize a national effort to support a grass roots effort to prevent Voter Fraud at the polls and in counting absentee ballots in the 2014 election. An outstanding organization entitled “True The Vote” in Texas has been opposing Voter Fraud for over 5 years; they and other organizations are doing excellent work trying to stem Voter Fraud in a number of states, but they need millions of volunteers to provide them with substantial support. In order to prevent Voter Fraud, Americans in every state—–Independents, Republicans, Conservatives, Veterans, unaffiliated voters, etc. should be assisted in recruiting volunteers to work at the polls and in county offices to count absentee ballots.

The Combat Veterans Training Group (CVTG), a 501 (c) (4) received its tax exempt status from the IRS after nearly 3 years of waiting; the advantage of a 501 (c) (4) is that most corporate donations to it can be written off as a business expense. The Mission of the CVTG is to support the precepts of the US Constitution, train Veterans about government, get Veterans involved in government, promote Patriotic Programs (like preventing Voter Fraud), and to get Veterans involved & knowledgeable in the elections process. The CVTG would like to hire unemployed Veterans in all 50 states to support the efforts of organizations like “True The Vote”. CVTG would like to join with other like-minded organizations, i.e. True the Vote, Tea Party Organizations, Christian and Jewish affiliated organizations, Veterans organizations, the Republican Party, the Conservative Party, the Constitution Party, Independent Party organizations, to help prevent Voter Fraud. Since you have a large national following of Veterans and Veterans organizations that are as concerned about our Republic as we are, and they pay attention to your recommendations in support of the Republic and Veterans, I am proposing that you use your best effort to put this proposal forward.

I’ve copied many Americans who care about our country with this E-mail; I hope they will respond, by expressing an interest in supporting this national effort, and that they will be willing to join in the effort to help mobilize Americans to ensure voting at the polls and with absentee ballots in the county offices in the 2014 Congressional election will be honest, free, and fair. Since we have the mechanism in place to recruit unemployed Veterans in 50 states to join with us to oppose Voter Fraud, we would be interested in having other organizations join with us in a team effort; our plans will be to put Veterans in charge of 50 states. We are willing to be the initial point of contact, until the group of organizations selects a team of leaders to move this initiative forward.

If you support this type of effort, you may want to pass this on to others individuals or organizations who may be willing to join in such an effort;



Joseph R. John
Capt USN (Ret)
President, Combat Veterans Training Group
2307 Fenton Parkway, Suite 107-184
San Diego, CA 92108

Fax: (619) 220-0190

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