As our members have been previously advised, our organizations had a team actively investigating Obama Administration “gun running” throughout the Middle East prior to the events of 11 September, 2012.

As a result, when the attack on Benghazi occurred, those events were of immediate interest. After the Obama Administration chose to advance a false narrative concerning the events on the 11 September, 2012 Benghazi attacks, we received a document dump from State Department insiders.

In October 2012 –

We made public over 120 pages of “Unclassified Cables

We issued a full Executive Brief on Benghazi

We then hand delivered a full copy of both to the Mitt Romney Campaign approximately 36 hours prior to the third and final 2012 president debate. We received assurances from the campaign that the information provided would be used in the final debate. It was NOT used, in fact the Romney Campaign chose to STAND DOWN entirely on Benghazi in that last debate.

Since then, nearly everything we shared with the Romney Campaign and made public to the people and the press has been proven true in subsequent congressional testimony.On 19 October 2012, the Issa Committee demanded answers in this letter.The Obama Administration continued to advance a known FALSE narrative concerning Benghazi. Over the last eight months, the Issa Committee has failed to deliver the full unfettered truth to the American people.

Not until 23 April, 2013 did any of the FIVE committees investigating Benghazi issue any information to the American people. On 23 April, 2013 the FIVE committees issued a joint Interim Report on Benghazi

Now a second Issa Investigation on Benghazi begins today. You can watch it live or as recorded later, on CSPAN today.

We DO NOT expect the full truth to come out in the new Issa hearings. The NEW narrative on Benghazi is also FALSE. The coverup on Benghazi was NOT motivated by the 2012 president election which Obama already had secured through massive planned election fraud. It is a coverup of much greater evils…ACTION IS REQUIRED1. The investigation on Benghazi MUST move outside of Congress and beyond the control of Eric Holder’s DOJ to a SPECIAL GRAND JURY investigation and prosecution for treasonous acts that ended in the death of American citizens and eight months of FALSE propaganda advanced on the subject by numerous members of the Obama administration, including Barack Hussein Obama himself.

2. ALL MEMBERS must contact the members of the Issa Committee over the next few days and DEMAND that the congressional coverup cease, and the investigation be removed from congress and placed in a truly independent investigation under a SPECIAL GRAND JURY.


Thank you!

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