“Should ANYONE attempt to strip you of the rights you earned in battle as an American Infantrymen (Marine and Soldier alike), shall be stripped of Life and/or limb by the vary hands that defended that Freedom Americans exercise daily. For you were born without rules or regulations, it is the fear of consequence and need for Justice and order that compells us to follow our Countries Laws. Only those worthy enough to fight for We The People shall be trusted to enact and enforce these Laws or suffer the consequence, should such Demon Warriors be made aware of power hungry violators of this trust. War is the province of Men, so tread softly when speaking of disarming those who have mastered it. These corrupt masters of lies and deceit may find themselves where many have met their end; stareing into the eyes of Hell itself, before gasping a final breathe of Freedom before it is taken back by one of its Champions … Chosen Few”- Vega

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