Step Up & Take Responsibililty, Mr “War” President!

Those of us in the troop support movement know that we have lost more of our Heroes on Obama’s watch than all of this war!  The insane and cruel ROE’s and Catch and Release Policies give the enemy the upper hand and leave our Troops so very vulnerable!  It is disgusting and disgraceful and now this Campaigner-in-Chief wants to take credit for the excellent work of our Navy Seals in the killing of Bin Laden.  Well Obama, that road goes both ways! Since you are campaigning that you are responsible for the killing of Bin laden, then you need to take responsibility for the perilous mess our Troops are in over in Afghanistan!   Your failed policies continue to get our brave men and women killed, maimed and incarcerated, as you release terrorists back to the battlefield.  Now you want to be called a War President?!!!!   Then step up and take responsibility for the killing zone you have placed our Troops in with YOUR failed policies!!!!!!!!!!!!
Beverly Perlson
The Band of Mothers

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