One Soldier’s anomolous event versus an Islamic Policy of Terrorism

  Penned by Steve Bussey

I reject world and Muslim outrage over the alleged killing of civilians in Afghanistan by a U.S. soldier.

I can understand a soldier who snaps in war but I cannot and will not understand an ideology that routinely and intentionally targets women and children the way Islam does.

I know you’ve already read the story about this one U.S. soldier but have you seen news coverage of the Islamic terrorist’s rocket attacks on Israel? Read that CNN headline and the first two paragraphs and see if the emphasis is on the Islamic terrorist’s rocket attacks or the Israeli response.

Don’t get me wrong; and the Steve Bussey Radio Experience in no way condone the intentional killing of civilians in war or through terrorism by anyone. But remember, seeking to understand something is not akin to condoning or supporting that thing just as rejecting the situational or hypocritical outrage is not to condone it.

A United States soldier apparently took his weapon and went house to house killing civilians in Afghanistan just outside his base. My question isn’t why he did it but why it hasn’t happened before or more often.

I don’t want it to happen but I feel I understand war and warriors and as the old saying goes, war is hell. Soldiers sometimes snap in war and atrocities do happen – they’ve happened in every single war in the history of man and the world.

Now, place on top of the “norm” of what happens in war the fact that our soldiers lives are placed at increased risk through being forced to fight with one hand tied behind their backs by our own “rules of engagement” and the hypocrisy of being condemned and murdered for accidently burning a book while the other side routinely uses civilian women and children as human shields, intentionally kills civilians for “collaborating” with NATO forces and more and you have a recipe for disaster on your hands.
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2 responses to “One Soldier’s anomolous event versus an Islamic Policy of Terrorism

  1. Hello Brother in Arms. I am a US Navy Veteran (23 years, 9 Months).
    Like you, I am afraid of what this Administration is doing to our well earned and deserved benefits, but more than that, I am afraid of what he will really do to us and our beloved Nation if he gets another four more years to continue his mass destruction of our country. Let us all go forth and tell our friends and families that a vote AGAINST Obama and his thugs will be a vote for restoring our Nation. Thanks! SPCO Magee, USN (Ret)


    • Barry, I’m not in the service nor a veteran. I am in a military family. I stand with you brother! I sure hope we can turn this around with the election box and not have to go to the other box.


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