Bouhammer: “When the line is crossed”

December 12th, 2008 Bouhammer

There are lines that can be crossed. There are times when someone can go too far in their comments, even when they are trying to be funny. I understand satire and I love it….most of the time. Anyone who knows me, knows that I am not one that is easily offended. In fact you can say whatever you want about me or to me; I really don’t care. What I will not stand for is you saying anything mean or hateful about someone that I care for or love that will hurt them or disrespect them. Like I said, about me…BRING IT! About someone I care about, don’t even go there.

I love my family and I love and care for my dearest friends. I care for soldiers, and when I say soldiers I use that as a general term referring to all service-members in any branch. I am a 1SG, which means looking after and caring for soldiers is my main priority in my military life.

I have had several of my own soldiers (that reported to me) wounded in combat and I was there in the hospital visiting with them and trying to lift their spirits (even kidnapping one out of the hospital and taking him to a gentleman’s club). I have seen my soldiers suffer, and I have seen the families of my soldiers worry and cry over their loved ones.

Last year I was privileged enough to visit Walker Reed Medical Center and The Fisher House while on The Sandbox book tour in Washington DC. Garry Trudeau, David Stanford, Owen Powell, his wife and I were lucky enough to meet some true warriors (who were mostly in wheel chairs and missing limbs), talk with them and have dinner with them and their families. These young men were very awe-inspiring to see them suffer the one wound that most soldiers fear more than anything else (losing a limb and being mangled for life, and still keeping a positive outlook on life. We also had the opportunity to tour the new Amputee center and see all of the ways that Walter Reed doctors and nurses are helping our wounded rehabilitate. In fact the still picture below in the video is in that Center and I have been in that exact room.

I walked away from the hospital grounds that night very humbled and damn proud to be a soldier.

I wrote all of that so you know where I am coming from, and so you would know why I am so pissed at The Onion. I like The Onion normally and I try to grab a copy whenever I can for me to read and for my son becuase he loves it. I can laugh at a lot of stuff, but there are limits.

What I am referring to is the video below: go here to view the video.

In The Know: How Can We Make The Iraq War More Handicap Accessible?

Now if you are as upset as I am after watching that video, you may be asking yourself “What can I do about this Bouhammer?”  Well Bouhammer has the answer for you. Why not email the participating entities and let them know how disturbed you are with the disrespect and disgraceful way that they represented out wounded warriors.

The Onion editorial email:

Advertising at The Onion:

Director of PR for Screen life, LLC:

Sonic Director of External Communications:

Sonic regional contact information can be found at:

Also, Both Fosters and Burger King (yes the same Burger King that has restaurants on almost every military base in the US and most of the large bases overseas to include Iraq and Afghanistan) are advertisers, so they may also want to hear your feelings on this video.

I hope you join me and the rest of the Pitchfork Brigade who has voiced their opinion on this matter HERE, HERE, HERE and HERE to name a few.

Let show them what the Hammer really stands for in BouHammer.

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