Sgt Smith: “All Hope Is Not Lost”

by Sgt Smith
Nov. 23, 2008

I will start this out being very blunt. Fuck doubters, haters, naysayers, MSM, Liberal fucktards, Berkley faggots, and anybody else who talks shit on the efforts of what we were doing, what we are doing, or what we will do.

There is a small town that in within my AO that I get the pleasure to go to everyonce in a while. This town is very small, surrounded by palm groves. These people are far away from any major city. It is the most professional IP station I have ever visited. They have their IP station with all their trucks staged nice and neat and clean, clearly marked. They have their command building sectioned off into different responsiblities, IE: Admin, Intel, Ops, Supply. This city has been built up by the hard work of its’ people and it’s Police force. The IP Chief isn’t like any other Iraqi that I’ve ever encountered. We told him that he needs to try to roll up any bad guys who drive by his town and asked him what he needs in return for his good deeds. Other IP stations would have asked for anything and everything. He said he didn’t need anything, just knowing that he was taking bad people away from his city and out of his country was all he needed. The city has city-wide get togethers where they go and pick up all the trash from the city to make it look nice, not like other cities where as long as it isn’t in your house it’s not your problem. The IP’s have the highest level of motivation and professionalism I have ever witnessed. Their city is at such a high level of security that they are putting together a business proposal to set up a hotel and restaurant near a natural spring where Jesus is said to have once swam. As well as a different business proposal to set up a hunting lodge where people can go hunting for exotic birds, wild boar and go fishing in near by fresh water springs. But……. you’ll never probably read anything like this anywhere else, because, the death rates are up in Afghanistan, and the US is doing strikes in Pakistan, and Obama is the first elected black president in US history. I haven’t fired a round since september of last year on my last deployment, over 4 months!! We haven’t even done so much as an escalation of force in my platoon. But… that doesn’t give anybody the NVG firefight video’s or the contraversy of an innocent civilian being wounded or an insurgent that’s been wounded being shot again to finish him off. Is there still shit going on over here? Absolutely. When I can pick up a Marine Times from the PX and only read the names of 2 KIA for 2 weeks, that’s when I think the media should be at an all time high, out here interviewing the troops, interviewing the people to see how they feel. Not still doing reports from the “green zone”. They need to stop being pussies and see what’s going on now, granted, they won’t have to worry about taking cover or having snipers singling them out because of their press flaks and kevlars. But this is when we need to show the world what’s going on over here.

2 responses to “Sgt Smith: “All Hope Is Not Lost”

  1. bluesingincat

    Absolutely. We have won the war in Iraq, and everything our brave soldiers do, and continue to do, should be applauded. Great post.


  2. Hell yeah!!! More people need to know that we need support over here, no matter what the media is tellin them. Hooah!


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