Sgt Smith: “I want to be able to help these guys just to see their country do well.”

This is a update from Sgt Smith who’s deployed to Iraq. He posted this in comments at Pat Dollards website.

Hey hey, it’s me, been gone for a bit, been busy, as usual, but loving every minute of it. A few things to talk about this evening (2330 Iraqistan time). Where to start… Development of the Iraqi Army. Every morning, after breakfast, as I’m drinking a cup of the slop they call coffee out here, I look over to the IA side of the base, and for the last month I see the IA out doing various things. They might be a little ragged around the edges but they are military in nature. I see them doing close order drill, or their own variation of it. Working on crossing danger area’s and other urban movements. Even PTing on their own, as a unit. It’s pretty amazing.

Next things next. Throughout our meetings with IP Chief’s, Sheikhs, and other city/GOI leaders, I have found myself becoming more animated and emotional about what is going on with them and their city. For a week or two it puzzled me as to why I was getting so attached to it, and then one night while I was “chillin” in my room listening to some Jack Johnson, and it hit me. I’m on my fourth deployment to this country, and it’s growing on me. I knew that it would and that it has, but it never made sense until the other night. Now, I’m not a father but I imagine this to be a somewhat similar situation. I’ve been working on this little project called OIF for over 2 years now and I’ve put alot of heart and emotion into what has happened here. I’ve been through ups and downs out here. My first two deployments were heavily ridden in combat, but even with that we still focused on the people. My last deployment I treated 14 Iraqi trauma’s from insurgent activity. Now I’m out here as a political advisor. I’ve just put so much into this country that I never want to see it fail, if it does then I fail. I fail those who have gone before me and beside me. That is not an option, but it’s so hard to see things happening, and only being able to “advise” it’s like when our ROE’s started getting tightened, but instead of killing bad guys it’s holding us back from helping the good. I want to be able to help these guys just to see their country do well. It’s with a bit of selfishness though I think. I can look at something I’ve made, and saying, wow that’s amazing, and it means more because I’ve made it. I know that these people need to look at their things and feel the same way. This country just cannot fail. There has been a trend, and to the other branches don’t take offense to this just take it for what it is, facts. Somalia, US Marines sent to quell the uprising, sent away, NATO brought in, fucked it up, Army sent in, and we all know how that went. Afghanistan, Marines sent in hooking and jabbing getting some, Marines sent away, NATO brought in, fucked it up, request that Marines come back to help them fight an even harder more intense fight than what they left. We can’t allow this to happen here, not with the countries around Iraq. All over the place tonite, sorry about that, I need to take a class on organizing your thoughts I think. Alright, Semper Fi, take care, laters!

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