Gold Star Mom’s: Do Not Exploit My Hero!

Eyes Wide Open is an antiwar Group that exploits our fallen Heroes. Please help our Gold Star Mom’s “Do Not Exploit My Hero”

Ms. Zerkel

Yesterday I called your office and talked with Erin. I asked her to please remove 2nd Lt. Ryan LeDuc’s name off your morbid exhibit, as this is his mother’s request. She has repeatedly requested that you remove her Son’s name to no avail. Yesterday, Erin told me that Ms. Hector would need to call and make this request. I relayed this information to Nola Hector, she called your office several times yesterday and was put off.

This is a simple request and should be honored. I question how this Heroes name was ever included in your exhibit as you never requested permission from his mother. This leads me to think that you are including all our fallen Soldier’s in your exhibit and you have no right to do that. Gold Star Families should be contacted in writing and permission requested before you add their names to your exploitative art exhibit. Ms. Zerkel, that is the right thing to do.

I have made others aware of your intrusive morbid exhibit and it is my hope that you will remove the names of the Heroes whose families do not want their children exploited. These honorable families deserve respect and all considerations.

Beverly Perlson
The Band of Mothers

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