Why did U.S. special operations forces strike positions across the Syrian-Iraq border?

My Question to you is:

Should we have the right to go after those who come in Iraq to bring in weapons to kill our troops, Iraqi troops and Iraqi civilians?

My Answer:


Michael Yon has been one of the few Journalist who has been giving us the truths of what is truly happening in Iraq and now Afghanistan. He posted an article today titled “Bloody Border, Messy Politics” about the U.S. crossing the Syrian-Iraq border.

27 October 2008

Yesterday, U.S. special operations forces struck positions across the Syrian-Iraq order, inside of Syria, apparently killing nine people, most of whom were non-Syrian Arab fighters on their way into Iraq. Of course there is a great cry rising from the Syrians today.

For years, tons of explosives and a long line of foreign terrorists have streamed across the Syrian border into Anbar Province and Nineveh Province, Iraq. I must have spent a total of about nine months in Nineveh, about eight of which were in the capital of Mosul, and another month in Anbar.

Foreign terrorists were caught or killed on a regular basis, and they all had the same story: They came from an alphabet soup of Arab countries: Algeria, Jordan, Libya, Morocco, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Tunisia and Yemen, to name a handful. They had come through Syria. I remember the day the Libyan was captured in 2005. Iraqis were trying to force him to wear a suicide vest to attack police in Mosul. I remember the night, a raid that I did not go on, when the Tunisians were captured in 2005, resulting in hand-to-hand combat that did not go well for the Tunisians. The owner of the safe house was captured with a diary listing dates and effects for years of attacks; that diary actually matched up perfectly with SIGACT reports of the same incidents. The Tunisians were captured with all sorts of documentation, as I recall, that chronicled their long journey by all modes of transport to get through to Syria and across into Mosul.

To read the rest of this article please go to Michael Yon’s Website and/or to Pajamas Media for Michael Yon’s full article.

Here is a true story “The Story behind the Photo” that has had a lasting effect upon one of our Marines and his family. Notice this happened in Anbar Province and the suicide bomber came in from Syria. This is a  story you’ll be so thankful for knowing.

Just in case you’re interested in reading PROPAGANDA our enemies feed the world bias media, here is one.
Eight die in US attack inside Syria: official media

What a difference between the truth and a lie!

This is exactly why Michael Yon is a treasure.

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