ACORN Hits Missouri – UPDATED

ACORN Hits Missouri

By Sara Lester • Oct 8th, 2008

ACORN has been expending a great deal of time, money and energy registering fraudulent voters dedicated to the cause of Obama. Some of these people are dead, some are simply made up. At least 14 states, including Nevada, New Mexico, Indiana, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, and Michigan have fallen prey to ACORN in this election cycle. Now, you can add Missouri to the list.

According to Dave Reinhart, director of the Clay County Election Board, ACORN has been filling out voter registration cards for people who simply do not exist. It appears that they are taking the phone book, picking out an address and phone number, and then making a small change to the name, using a different middle name or initial, for example, to create a registration card.

For example, Paul F. Thomas supposedly registered to vote. His social security number and date of birth were falsified, and the signature does not match that of the Paul Thomas who actually resides at that address.

Clara Bowlin notified the Election Board that a registration had been filled out for Mark Bowlin, using her address. There is no one by the name of Mark Bowlin at that address; her husband’s name is Tom H. Bowlin.

The father of Patrick Michael Mathews brought in a registration card he had received in the mail for a Patrick Lee Mathews. Again, no Patrick Lee Mathews exists, and the card carried a made-up social security number and date of birth.

All of the fraudulent cards have ACORN across the top. Read the rest of this article with 2 videos here.

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