Veterans Against Obama

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This is why most military will not vote for Obama, with every rule there is an exception but I personally know that the majority of the military will never vote for someone like him!

Because he is too inexperienced, and unfit to be the commander in chief of the Military! His stance on foreign policy terrifies me! He preaches change, but never says what that change will entail, but if you look at his record you can deduce that the change he talks about is a dumbed down version socialism, which sounds nice on paper but never works! I’d much rather have a Commander in Chief who’s been in the military and one who knows what war is like, and McCain has 2 sons who are both in the Marine Corps and have fought in Iraq… I’m sick of people telling me that they need to pull the troops out, when I am trying as hard as I can to rehabilitate and get back out there to finish the job! pulling us out would undo everything that we’ve worked for, everything that I sweat and bled for out there, everything that some very dear friends have died for! And by pulling us out you’d be saying that what we did didn’t amount to anything, and those lives lost were in vein.

There is a responsible way of pulling the troops out and there is an irresponsible way. If we just got pulled out of there then there would be a vacuum effect that would turn Iraq into more of a terrorist breeding ground than it ever was before, more so than even Afghanistan. And that would undo everything that we worked so hard to accomplish!!! I have been for this war from the very beginning, and even after facing death, being shot, and having all the surgeries I’ve had since I’ve been home I believe in the cause now more than ever. But even if you opposed the war to begin with we can’t abandon those people now it would be selfish, reckless, and utterly irresponsible to do so and would actually make things much worse for us in the long run. We first need to be sure that the Iraqi Government can stand on it’s own, and that the Iraqi people have faith in their own elected government to let them govern. Only then can we start to gradually pull troops out and eventually just leave a small force to act only as a supporting force for the Iraqi military and police.

I’m not the biggest McCain supporter there are many issues I don’t agree with him on but he at least understands all of this, he understands what we are going through over there, he understands combat, and he understands what is at stake in this war that the American people have seemingly abandoned and forgotten, not only our future but the future of an entire nation of people is at risk if we give in and pull out!

Some people don’t think it’s our responsibility to fight for other countries and stabilize their governments but as I’ve said before in previous blogs “It’s a good thing France didn’t have that attitude during our revolution, otherwise we never would have won our own Independence!!!”

OK… Not to bash anyones service, but there are those who enlist for the wrong reasons (educational benefits, health insurance, job security, and surly no one joins for the money cuz the money in the military is not anything to brag about!!!) and when their time is done they can’t wait to get out! But then there are those of us who join more because we are called to it, it’s who we are!!! And we’re what you might call the lifers, we’re in for the long haul! The only reason people like us join is because we have a need to serve the country we love, and if needed we’re the ones who will give our lives for our country without hesitation!

Now I can’t possibly throw out statistics and percentages without taking some kind of poll, but I can tell you that I guarantee almost anyone who joins for the “right reasons” anyone who is called to it, could not possibly vote for anyone like Obama!!! Now you can tell me you know this person or that person that is a veteran and they are voting for Obama, but I’d be willing to bet that most of those people are either no longer serving or have no plans on re-enlisting because they are the ones who most likely joined not thinking they would ever see combat! Once again, there are exceptions, I do have a few friends who don’t agree with my politics and still say they would vote for Obama, but they are a few out of hundreds (and let me throw this out there, even though we disagree, I would die for them in a heartbeat and I have every bit of faith that they would do the same for me!!!)

Obama is not a competent Commander in Chief! You tell me what exactly he stands for???????? CHANGE? what the hell is he gonna change? HOPE? what kind of hope? are you kidding me? he never says what the hell he’s talking about, he just throws out what people want to hear but never provides a solution!!! Most people I talk to that say they’re gonna vote for him can’t even answer those questions, but they’re gonna vote for him because someone they know and respect says they are gonna vote for him! Why don’t you at least look into it yourself and make an educated decision! I can at least respect that! But that doesn’t seem to be the case in most people I’ve come across.

I’ve also heard people say that they want to vote for him to be a part of history… That has to be the worst reason I have ever heard, ABSOLUTELY RIDICULOUS!!! And nothing makes me more pissed off than to hear that! Vote for the man, not the color! Some have even had the balls to call me racist because I won’t vote for Obama, ALSO RIDICULOUS!!! If it were a Colon Powell, Clarence Thomas, or Condoleezza Rice I wouldn’t even have to think about who I’m gonna vote for, any one of those would be qualified no brainers for me!

Another type of person who will vote for Obama is the socialist minded person. Someone who wants to take money from those who work hard for what they have, and give it to the people who don’t. I’m talking about welfare, whatever happened to personal responsibility, whatever happened to working hard to achieve your dreams, The American dream is about a strong work ethic, working hard toward your goals, it was never about having other people work hard so that you can live off of them! No one ever said the American dream was easy, but they did say that with hard work you can achieve anything! I’ve had poor people tell me that I don’t know what it’s like and I don’t know where they’re coming from… maybe your right but my grandfather sure as hell knew all about poverty and overcoming diversity! everything my parents have and I have is because of his hard work, and the work ethic that he passed down to my dad, and my dad passed down to me!!!

I still keep in touch with a few of the Iraqi people I worked with during my tour and I just received a lengthy e-mail from one man named Mustafa, the following is an excerpt from his letter:

the Iraqi forces and police they still need the support from the U.S military forces and they not ready yet to collecting to hold the reins of government …

His whole e-mail was in very broken English, but I think we can all get the point of what he was trying to say! The Iraqi government isn’t ready for us to leave yet!


Just a few things that I’ve noticed recently.

At the Saddle Back Civil Forum both Obama and McCain were asked identical questions without hearing each others answers and truthfully Obama did better than I had expected, he did have several good sounding answers, but only good sounding because he did a good job at making his socialist ideals sound like a great idea!!! I honestly even caught myself saying “wow that sounds nice” a few times but as I’ve stated before socialism and communism, while sounding like a great idea never work, if you take money from the rich and give it to the poor then what is left to motivate the people to get rich to continue working hard to get there? And what is to motivate the people who take advantage of welfare to stop being lazy and get a job, to work hard because in capitalism they too can achieve wealth, you just have to work really hard for it, but they won’t work hard if you just give them all the rich peoples money? In the long run it would damage both the rich and the poor and nobody would win!!! But I also noticed that Obama had to think a little too much about many of his answers and he would stumble on his words a little because he was trying to think too much about what the right words are, “what do I need to say in order to get votes?” He appeared indecisive on some tough issues because he’s trying to come across like a more middle of the road Democrat which he knows is the only way he could win the election. When asked about abortion and when he thinks the exact moment that a baby is considered a human life he said that it was above his pay grade! As a president you have to be able to make tough decisions, so no matter what his personal opinion is the fact that he felt he couldn’t give it is grounds to say that he doesn’t have what it takes to even stick up for his own personal beliefs when they may appear unpopular so how can he then lead a nation? When McCain was asked the very same question he didn’t hesitate and confidently told his opinion almost before the question was even finished being asked, he said “at the moment of conception” and didn’t beat around the bush with more explanation, doing this McCain showed that no matter how unpopular that belief might be to some and no matter how tough that question was he is able to make those tough decisions and stick to what he believes! That to me is someone who can lead this nation!

Tonight Bill Clinton just gave his speech in endorsement of Obama, in his speech he talked about how Obama would help re strengthen “our thinly stretched military”, I like how Democrats love to use us (the troops) as their excuse to be against the war and against President Bush and Senator McCain, but the truth is the military was at it’s weakest point during the Clinton administration, he gave incentives and paid people for early retirement! Our intelligence was also at an all time low which ultimately lead to 9/11, Democrats like to blame Bush because it happened on his watch but if you’ll remember President Bush held office for less than a year when 9/11 happened, he inherited the issue from Clinton and had no time to resolve it before we were attacked!

While watching the Democratic National Convention you can’t help but notice all of the Hollywood actors and actresses showing up to support Obama, I mean it seems like every single Hollywood star is there, anyone who is anyone in the glamorous social circle is there! But once again, what you won’t see is the troops backing him! So the questions is, who is more in touch with reality, Hollywood who makes a living off of fantasy, or the troops who day in and day out not only see and experience the true realities in life, but shelter America from the harshest of realities? Those are the realities that you don’t want to see you don’t even want to believe exist, the reality that you only caught a glimpse of on 9/11, and that is the reality that we (the military) see everyday! Now after answering that question tell me who you’re backing!

Since John McCain’s nomination for Sarah Palin as his Vice Presidential running mate I’ve had lot’s of questions asking my opinions of her and I was right where many of you might have been, I didn’t know much about her but I can say that what I’ve heard and was able to research about her has impressed me and I believe her to be an outstanding choice!

But Democrats have now tried to bring up that she is too inexperienced, and are saying that the enormous amount of experience that McCain has over Obama is no longer a valid argument, but on the contrary it makes the argument even stronger and here is why:

The Democrats saying that the bottom of the Republican ticket (Governor Palin) is too inexperienced when in fact she has more experience than the top of the Democratic ticket (Senator Obama) would mean that the Democrats have to then admit that Obama is too inexperienced! If I was a Democrat I would stay well away from trying to argue that one, because it only proves the Republicans point that much more.

But Democrats have argued that Mrs. Palin has less experience than the Democratic VP nominee Senator Joe Biden, well that one is hard to argue, Mrs. Palin was about 8 or 9 years old when Biden first entered the Senate but more importantly the fact of the matter is that she still has more experience than their Presidential nominee, Obama.

Sarah Palin has 16 years of experience over all starting out with 2 terms in the Wasilla, Alaska City Council  from 1992 to 1996 when she was elected Mayor of Wasilla and among many campaign promises she fulfilled her promise to reduce her own salary as the mayor. As mayor she was elected president of the Alaska Conference of Mayors. Mrs. Palin reached her term limits as mayor in 2002 but held various titles to include the Chairman for the Alaska Oil and Gas Conservation Commission and the Ethics Supervisor until 2006 when she helped expose the incumbent Republican governor as corrupt, ran against him and won, and has since sought to fight corruption among her own Republican party within the Alaskan state government. A poll on July 28, 2008, showed Palin’s approval rating at 80 percent while another one showed her at 76 percent. Currently governor Palin is at a steady 62 percent approval rating. She also sold the private jet and the fleet of limousines that had been used by the prior governor, stating that as governor she will use public air travel and personal vehicles.

Where as Obama’s didn’t start his career in the Illinois state legislature until 1997, moving on to the U.S. Senate in 2004 and out of those 3 and a half years as a senator he has only spent 142 days legislating and the rest have been spent campaigning for President.

My father was born and raised in Chicago so I’ve got lot’s of friends and family some of which helped elect Obama into the U.S. Senate who now say that they will not be voting for him for the Presidency because of his lack of dedication to his held office as an Illinois senator. Where as governor Palin’s approval ratings speak for themselves.

Voting for Obama to be a part of history is no longer a valid excuse!

Semper Fi,
Sgt Miller, USMC


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One response to “Veterans Against Obama

  1. I wholeheartedly agree with your assessment Sgt. Miller. Semper Fi!
    I salute you and your fellow marines for the freedom you’ve provided my family!

    SSgt David J. Kullik
    USAF (retired)


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