Sarah Palin, Feminist Nightmare

Cross posted from Liberty Pen written by Jim Cardoza

Liberals who thought they could not have hated anyone more than Bush and Cheney have realized their worst nightmare – Sarah Palin. The immediate reaction of the left-wing media has been much the same as the devil’s to holy water. That’s because Palin has fractured liberal ideology in general, and feminism, in particular — and has done so in just a few days.

Feminists have long attempted to be seen as mainstream women, champions of equal rights and warriors against the double standard. But Palin exposes them for what they really are — not champions of equal rights — merely champions of abortion rights.

Consider the evidence. Hillary Clinton gained her political credentials by riding the coattails of her husband. She accomplished very little on her own. The biggest feather in her cap was membership in a law firm, in which every other partner either died mysteriously or was imprisoned.

She swallowed her pride, put up with a cheating husband and endured national humiliation like a good soldier — never taking her eye off the ultimate prize. Once the ordeal was over, she was finally able to embark on a calculated path to satisfy her lofty political ambitions. That path led to New York, where a socialist message often meets receptive ears.

There, she won election largely on Bill’s political capital, union support and a large war chest. Those assets more than made up for a paper-thin record of achievement. Each step of the way, feminist organizations, such as NOW, fed her political action funds and provided an abundance of volunteer support. Why?

Was it because her willingness to absorb psychological abuse from a man was noble? Was it because she effectively used a man to advance toward her political ambition? More likely, It was simply that she champions any and all pro-abortion laws.

On the other hand, Sarah Palin is everything the feminist movement has always said their quest was about. She is strong, decisive, confident and is unafraid to stand eye to eye with any man. She has chosen to excel in a career as well as maintain a household She is self-made; a product of her own achievements. She is evidence of the equality the women’s movement had, up until now, always pretended to champion.

But, instead of being the feminist poster girl, she is scaring the hell out of NOW members and the like. Her unforgivable sin was that she is an independent thinker unwilling to parrot the organization’s beliefs. By exposing these shameless frauds, Sarah Palin has already began serving the American people.


Among the criticisms of Sarah is that she cannot both take care of her families needs and be an effective public servant. But where is that criticism for her counterpart? If such a claim is valid, questions need to be asked of Joe Biden.

It is well-known that Senator Biden lost his wife and daughter in a tragic automobile accident back in 1972. Joe was left to raise his two sons by himself. Is anyone asking Biden why he choose to run for the Senate rather than stay home with his boys and be a full-time dad?

And, rather than talk about the honor and courage of Sarah’s son, who is preparing to fight for America in Iraq, the media has focused on Sarah’s 17 year-old unmarried pregnant daughter, Bristol. This, they hope, will be a black mark against John McCain’s running mate.

But, I would suggest that it is far more valid to judge folks on the way they themselves behave. After all, if guilt by association is the game, let’s bring back Rev. Wright and Bill Ayers.

For those interested in keeping scores of such things: at 17, Sarah Palin was head of the Fellowship of Christian Athletes and a basketball star, and, according to his own biography, at 17, Barack Obama was snorting cocaine.

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