NEFA TerrorWatch: The Spillover Impact of the Iraqi Jihad in Afghanistan

By Evan Kohlmann at Counterterrorism Blog

This week’s episode of NEFA’s TerrorWatch broadcast takes a closer look at Mohammed al-Thibaiti (a.k.a. Abu Sulaiman al-Otaibi), a Saudi Arabian national and a senior Al-Qaida lieutenant who was confirmed killed during recent clashes with the “crusaders and apostates” in the Paktia province of Afghanistan–and the larger spillover impact of the Iraqi jihad on the conflict in Afghanistan. On May 11, Al-Qaida leader Mustafa Abu al-Yazid published a letter confirming that al-Thibaiti “was martyred in the Paktika province in Afghanistan… as a result of clashes with the enemies of Allah from the crusaders and apostates. Allah bestowed [him] with dedication and victory and [he] is an example of courage, sacrifice, and valor… We offer our condolences to… to brothers of Abu Sulaiman especially in Iraq and in the Arabian Peninsula.”

To watch the latest episode of NEFA TerrorWatch, click here.
May 22, 2008 12:16 AM

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