“CNN Staged Democrat Debate” Article by Euphoric Reality

Some more lying and deceitfulness in the Democrat party

Thanks given to Euphoric Reality for all of this great research
and spelling it out for us with links to prove the connections,
staging debate and the people involved.

I know I haven’t been blogging, but this is too good to pass up.

CNN Planted Questions For The Democrats? By Rob on November 16, 2007 at 03:52 pm 20 Comments Looks that way.According to the MySpace page of the girl (one Maria Luisa) who asked Hillary the “diamonds or pearls” question, every question at the debate last night was staged.

Which is pretty pathetic. CNN should be ashamed of itself for perpetrating such a fraud on its viewers.

Also, though, I wonder if CNN extended this same courtesy to Republicans. For instance, CNN broadcast a debate in New Hampshire back in June where the Republican candidates took questions from the audience. Were those questions planted?

I wouldn’t be happy about it if they were, but I’m willing to be they weren’t. Which would be pretty telling, if true.

Her name is NOT Maria Luisa. That must be the name on her myspace page. According to the transcripts of CNN’s debates, her name is Maria Parra-Sandoval (which you can hear her say, anyway) and…she worked for Harry Reid.



http://www.lasvegasnevada.gov/files/2005_CLA_Yearbook.pdf (page 23 has her picture, here)

Interestingly enough, Kalid Kahn, the man who asked the racial profiling question is the president of the Islamic Council of Nevada. Big dude. If you websearch, you can find possible connections to him and Harry Reid, as it appears Harry Reid visited the mosque.


Upon further search, and a link from someone on Ann Coulter’s forum, we will see that Maria Parra-Sandoval was an illegal alien, who came from Mexico as a child, but has since got her paperwork together.

However, it is no coincidence that that girl HAPPENED to be there, and HAPPENED to be picked to ask and HAPPENED to be called upon, yet HAPPENED to have worked for Harry Reid. If you websearch, you will find her name associated with him all over the internet.

Jeannie Jackson is a professional moonbat. There are too many links to put up, but we are currently searching about her possible connections to city council in a town just outside of Santa Ana, Ca. I will post that link if I find something that connects her.

Anyway, I’m sick. I can’t believe this is true. Do the research yourself, and you’ll see. Simply amazing.


I apologize for not including this link. This is the last one about Maria being an illegal alien

I have done HOURS of research this afternoon. I’m sick at the connection. I’m sick because I haven’t got the resources to nail it in the head. (I did however, email Matt Drudge and others).

Is there no end to what they’ll do? I mean, we can’t even get real people to ask real questions? These people were fake.

I’m currently researching, but apparently some of the names were changed from the transcripts, because in interviews, they’re different. Kalid Khan is seen in websearches as having the first name Mohammed. Chris Jackson is really Chris Gallagher. Maria Luisa is Maria Parra-Sandoval. This is sick. Why would they change the names?

I’m currently researching an other one, who appears to have political connections, too. I won’t mention it here, as I don’t know that for sure yet, I’m just 50/50 on that, but if I get more sure, I’ll be sure to post the link.

I will not let this go, I watched that debate, and I feel lied to and deceived.

Let me apologize for dominating this board- it isn’t what I intended to do. However, just when I think I’m going to take a break, more things keep tripping me up and I find out even more.

Why does everyone keep referring to her as Maria Luisa? Why because that’s her MIDDLE NAME! Maria Luisa Parra-Sandoval. Wanna see her picture again?


And if it didn’t get any better, Harry Reid has a listing of his staff:


(Please note that when searching the two of them, do not include her middle name as they don’t use it in their records)

More interestingly enough, here’s more info (with PICTURE) of her scholarship write up. Sounds like a nice girl, but still a PLANT!


If that weren’t enough, there have been apparent connections to the “unknown” woman who asked about the supreme court justices (which Suzanne Malveaux stepped all over), and according to Dan Riehl’s site, she is linked to the democratic party in …*drumroll* ARKANSAS…Look it up! (she is listed as her name unknown in the CNN transcripts)

Man this just keeps getting better. I don’t know how I’m going to be able to sleep.

As promised, here is the link. The connection has been made and once everyone catches up to Maria Luisa Parra- Sandoval, the DNC and possibly CNN is toast.

The insinuation I made earlier regarding a possible plant that had to do with the democratic party in Arkansas is none other than the supreme court questioner, Lashannon Spencer. Big wheel in the democratic party in LITTLE ROCK.

The connection was first made by a person commenting in the section on Dan Riehl’s site, then Dan made it, then Hot air picked it up. what I’m giving you here are More PICTURES! (Isn’t the internet great?????)



If you can look at them side by side, it is ONE in the SAME lady! Jesus. Mary. Joseph.

I’m just waiting on everyone to figure out who Maria is, and it’s over.

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